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About Roots: Pioneering Your Office Space in Cardiff

Our Foundation: Service, Integrity, and Innovation

Roots embarks you on a journey to discover the ideal office space in Cardiff, blending a history of deep connections and exceptional customer experience with a novel approach to serviced offices. At Roots, it's understood that the right space serves as a catalyst for growth, creativity, and fostering community, transcending mere location to become a foundational element of your business's success.

Roots Workspace Solutions, Find your space, grow your roots in Cardiff

Comprehensive Support: From Vision to Reality

At Roots, the commitment to your success goes beyond finding the right office space, providing support from the first step to the agreement signing.


The team's expertise encompasses office design, fit-outs, and negotiations, ensuring you get the best terms in Cardiff's serviced office market.


Roots aims to secure spaces that offer the right balance of cost, premium amenities, and flexibility, positioning themselves as your ally in optimising your office transition.

Sustainability and Wellness at the Heart

In our world, sustainability and wellness are paramount. Roots is dedicated to ensuring that these critical elements are woven into the fabric of your office space. We champion eco-friendly and health-promoting environments, aligning with your business's values and contributing positively to our planet and your people.

Roots Community: Thriving Together

In the era of hybrid work, the value of collaborative spaces has evolved. Roots prioritises environments that not only accommodate your business operations but also enhance your team's culture and foster collaboration. We focus on finding spaces that balance the need for flexibility with the essence of community, ensuring your workspace supports growth, engagement, and wellbeing. Let Roots find you a space where your team can thrive in today’s changing work landscape

Your Story, Our Canvas

Your business is unique, and your office space should be too. At Roots, we listen, learn, and tailor our search to find the perfect backdrop for your story. Whether you're a startup seeking agility or an established enterprise aiming for innovation, we're here to guide you to a space that truly feels like home.

Join Us on the Journey

Join us at Roots on a transformative journey to find an office space that mirrors your ambition, supports your team's growth, and solidifies your business's foundation in Cardiff. Together, let's discover the ideal workspace where your business will not just grow but truly flourish.

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